Sad spectacle as history repeats itself

The final sorry chapter in the saga of my specs can now be told. We’d stopped for fuel and I was cold so – put on my neck warmer. I took off my glasses and placed them on the tonneau cover thinking, “don’t forget those”. Off we wnt and half a km down the road I reached for the map and thought why can’t I see this properly. No specs. We stopped and I got out to retrace our route on foot. As I ran back up the road three or four rally cars shot by. Glasses are quite small and vintage car tyres are quite narrow. I found both lenses a few yards apart, but no arms.

It was an almost exact reconstruction of the first time they were run over after a run on the south downs.

Should I switch to contact lenses? Perhaps not, if they get run over it would hurt.



4 responses to “Sad spectacle as history repeats itself

  1. Vision Express have written to me today. They are offering a ‘free frame service’ that includes screw tightening, frame adjustment for facial symmetry, nose pad adjustment, side adjustment and ultrasonic cleaning. Sounds like you need their service.

  2. Bad luck! Specsavers are advertising 2 for 1. I’ll see if they’ll a discount for bulk buying…or wholesale?!?!

  3. I should wear Coke Bottles matey. That’s what you have always worn when we go out on the town.

  4. If you do wear contact lenses, be a good chap, don’t leave them when the tyre separates them….

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