Godzilla on tour

We’re all done with Greece and waiting for the ferry to take us to Italy. The bug sweeper has been doing the rounds and has hooked up again with Julie’s monkey. Here is a reconstruction of Godzuilla using the eiffel tower on Hugo’s hat. Iwo Jima next.



3 responses to “Godzilla on tour

  1. The Chilean miners have started coming out healthy – 17 or so out of 33 as I write this. Superb feat of engineering considering the constraints I think. Good news all over the media for a change and another good omen for your return to blighty. QPR v Norwich on Saturday – sold out and two tickets for me and Max. GOLD seats. Confident that extraordinary events happen in threes and your success will be marked by a continued unbeated run for Rangers! Take the last few days as you dare to achieve gold and whatever, come home safely guys…

  2. Got up to date with all these whilst eating my breakfast this morning, it was very pleasant. I’m sure it very much feels like you’re on the home straight now. I hope the weather cheers up – maybe Betty Bug can give the clouds a hard stare and short lecture of the nature of med. weather now (hopefully) her bug sweeping duties are over? Enjoy your last few days! Definitely looking forward to the excitement of your arrival – life feels very dull in Leeds at the moment.
    Lots and lots of love, Alice xxx

  3. Oh my goodness ~ so close to home now! I’ve also been following my nephews journey too ~ Sam has been cycling from Lands end to John O’Groats over the last 2 weeks (in memory of Rusty) he completes his journey on friday ~ maybe similar day to you ~ and we will be celebrating in Glasgow whilst you are celebrating in Paris. Will certainly be thinking of you all! Your journey sounds so special – wonderful to read. Enjoy your last few days ~ and your amazing Bently! Lots of love Floss

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